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General Informations Customer Information szallitasi-feltetelek Megosztás
Shipping conditionsThe order of shipping and assembling and dispatch from 1st january 2012.
  • Shipping: If going out the type of product or size you have claims for assembling it please contact our collegues.
    The shipping and the assembling takes place on a fix that we are going to inform you about.

    Shipping price: In case of purchase worth over 500.000 Huf the shipping is free of charge.
    1st zone: 7 000 Huf Budapest I., XI., XII., XXII. district
    Érd, Diós, Biatrobágy, Törökbálint, Budaörs, Budakeszi,
    Debrecen (In case of purchase worth over 500.000 Huf the shipping is free of charge.) 2nd zone: 15 000 Huf Budapest II., III-XXI., XXIII. district
    Zsámbék, Nagykovácsi, Solymár, Üröm 3. zóna: 20 000 Huf Pest megye egyéb települései
    Hajdú-Bihar megye. (the time of the shipping is maximum 1-2 weeks depending on the logistics)
    About fees To other regions of the country and to other countries please learn more from our collegues.

    Assembling price: In case you have a request for it we assembled the ordered and shipped furniture at once.
    Our professional assemble team are kindly at your disposal.
    Important to note that we cannot tak responsibility for the damage occured by insufficient assembly so we strongly recommend to order the professional assembly for the furniture.

    2 000 HUF / hour

    The assembling price should be paid to our collegues subsequently based on the actual working hours on site. Let us know your assembling claim at time of making an order.

    Personal takeover: After the arrival of the complete order the payment and the shipping of the product must be assured in a week timeframe. Exceeding this timeframe means 500 Huf fee per day for storing it in our warehouse.

    The dispatch of the products is possible from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:30. During the time of the shippings we are capable of giving out the products only to a limited extent. Please orientate in by our collegues on a 23/444-707 phone number in advance.

  • Small size products, accessories: In case of of small size products, accessories, chairs, coffee tables the IDdesign do not conduct home shipping. In these cases the DPD courier service ships the product ordered in person, by e-mail or phone.

    Cash on delivery: The DPD courier hands over the purchased product only in case of paying the remaining sum. As long as the price of the ordered product has not been balanced until the shipping’s day there is an option to pay on site cash on delivery.

    DPD courier service shipping prices

    package weightshipping price/package
    0,1 - 3 kg1 600
    3,1 - 5 kg1 900
    5,1 - 10 kg2 100
    10,1 - 15 kg2 200
    15,1 - 20 kg2 400
    20,1 - 25 kg2 800
    25,1 - 31,5 kg3 400
    31,5 - 50 kg5 100

    The prices includes the fuel charge and the VAT.

    C.O.D. service:

    C.O.D. amountPrice
    1 - 50.000 Ft-ig500 Ft
    50.001 - 100.000 Ft-ig1 000 Ft
    100.001 - 300.000 Ft-ig1 900 Ft
    300.001 - 500.000 Ft-ig3 800 Ft

    For further details inquire by our collegues.

    More information about DPD courier service

    You can order the accessories directly from our homepage soon.
    We will inform yout about the launch date in the newsletter

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