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Skovby SM106 bővíthető étkezőasztal, fehérített tömör tölgy

1.280.200 Ft
Értesítést kérek, ha újra lesz készleten!
Hasznos termékinformációk
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető (8-10 hét)
Cikkszám: 20119342
Szerezhető hűségpontok (Ft): 12803

Leírás és Paraméterek

A minimalist reinterpretation of the classic plank table.

Anniversary table 106 is a minimalist reinterpretation of the classic plank table.
The table wraps raw and authentic nature into a modern and updated design, solidly based on Skovby’s proud design tradition. 

On the occasion of the anniversary table 106 is made in ash wood. Ash grows naturally throughout Europe and the light hard-wearing wood sort matches the Nordic design tradition well.

The plank table consists of two solid planks and seats 10-14 people in its basic position. The planks are carried by two trapeze shaped frames giving the table a visually calm, yet solid expression.

The 106 table allows you to adjust the distance between the table legs. Depending on the width of your chairs, placing the table legs in position 1 will make room for two chairs between the table legs whereas position 2 increases it to three. Also, you may extend the table by adding an extension leaf to either end of the table, giving a total seating capacity of 14

This is a Made to Order item

All Made to Order items are manufactured as per the order supplied by you.
We are unable to accept cancellation or accept any extra cost that may incur due to wrong information provided by you at the time you placed the order.
We will confirm all sizes/colours/finsihes in written email (order confirmation) with you before going ahead with production of your order.

Made in Denmark
Skovby furniture is made in Danmark. We select and evaluate the quality of the wood in relation to grain patterns, play of colours and structures. Skovby only use high quality veneer and solid wood.

Product Care

Improper care and maintenance can damage your furniture!
Far too many of the problems that arise with furniture, is a result of improper maintenance and/or as a result of an inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture.

Please follow the recommendations as to daily care and maintenance of your Skovby furniture.

Design by function
Design by function has been the Skovby design principle for decades starting with the very first "pull-and-unfold" table in 1974. Design by function is the art of designing furniture with product functionality as the main driver and inspirational starting point.

Design by function is NOT purely functionality. Design by function is NOT purely design. Why choose when you can have both? Design by function is having both beauty and strong product functionality in one.

Egyéb információ: A feltüntetett ár a kiegészítőlapokat NEM tartalmazza. 2 db 50cm-es kiegészítőlappal bővíthető. Teljes méret kiegészítőlapokkal: 340 x 95 x 74 cm

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