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Skovby SM88 komód, dió

758.600 Ft
Maxcity készlet: Előrendelhető
Váci Corner készlet: Előrendelhető
Cikkszám: 13223472
Gyártó: Skovby
Szállítási díj: 24.000 Ft
Szerezhető hűségpontok: 7586
Szín: Dió

Leírás és Paraméterek

Optimal storage options and a lot of space!

The Skovby #88 sideboard is equipped with drawers only, which is more practical than shelves. The one top drawer has a tray with a heat-resistant surface and the other is a cutlery drawer. 

Also it has six large drawers as well. The drawers are easily opened by pushing a small hidden list above each drawer.

The design of this line is simple without being minimalistic. All edges are rounded and the furniture therefore more pleasant to touch.

The #88 sideboard is perfect for the dining room in combination with e.g.the tables Skovby #24 or #23 and the #84 sideboard with the #85 hutch for instance.

There are numerous possibilities.


Improper care and maintenance can damage your furniture!

Far too many of the problems that arise with furniture, is a result of improper maintenance and/or as a result of an inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture..

Please follow the recommendations as to daily care and maintenance of your Skovby furniture in the attached leaflet.

You can also read more about care and maintenance in the menu under "Care and maintenance

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